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What About Air Gun Pellets?

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When choosing your perfect pellet, be sure to take into consideration whether or not your gun is pellet-specific and what activity you'll need it for. You might need to try different brands of the same type pellet to find the one that works best and is the most accurate in you air rifle.

Domed ? All Around

Domed air rifle pellet
Popular for any type of shooting thanks to its aerodynamic design, its round shape deflects wind, increases velocity, accuracy and trajectory. Domed pellets are popular for field target shooting.

Hollow Point ? Medium Range Hunter

Hollow Point air rifle pellet
Ideal for hunting and shooting small pests, this design expands on contact without over-penetrating your target.

Pointed ? Long Range Hunter

Pointed air rifle pellet
The pointed pellet tends to hold it's velocity for long-range penetration. These sturdy pellets are sure to please any shooter wishing to hunt in the field.

Wadcutter ? Competition

Wadcutter air rifle pellet
When you need a consistent, tight shot, look no further than Wadcutter pellets. Wadcutter pellets are the type used in competition target shooting. Wadcutter pellets are the most accurate pellets for ranges up to 25 yards. Hunting enthusiasts will even enjoy this flathead design because of its excellent impact and limited penetration.

Round Lead Ball - Deep Penetration

Round Lead Ball air rifle pellet
Deep penetration and easy to load when timing and repeat shots count. It was especially developed for field use, when you can't always take the time to align a direction sensitive pellet. Round lead balls are not for use in BB guns.

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