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What About Air Gun Pellets?  Rate it

air gun pellets When choosing your perfect pellet, be sure to take into consideration whether or not your gun is pellet-specific and what activity you'll need it for. You might need to try different brands of the same type pellet to find the one that works best and is the most accurate in you air rifle.

Domed ? All Around

Domed air rifle pellet
Popular for any type of shooting thanks to its aerodynamic design, its round shape deflects wind, increases velocity, accuracy and trajectory. Domed pellets are popular for field target shooting.

Hollow Point ? Medium Range Hunter

Hollow Point air rifle pellet
Ideal for hunting and shooting small pests, this design expands on contact without over-penetrating your target.

Pointed ? Long Range Hunter

Pointed air rifle pellet
The pointed pellet tends to hold it's velocity for long-range penetration. These sturdy pellets are sure to please any shooter wishing to hunt in the field.

Wadcutter ? Competition

Wadcutter air rifle pellet
When you need a consistent, tight shot, look no further than Wadcutter pellets. Wadcutter pellets are the type used in competition target shooting. Wadcutter pellets are the most accurate pellets for ranges up to 25 yards. Hunting enthusiasts will even enjoy this flathead design because of its excellent impact and limited penetration.

Round Lead Ball - Deep Penetration

Round Lead Ball air rifle pellet
Deep penetration and easy to load when timing and repeat shots count. It was especially developed for field use, when you can't always take the time to align a direction sensitive pellet. Round lead balls are not for use in BB guns.

Are Air Gun Scopes Different?  Rate it

winchester airgun scope

Some air guns need special scopes and mounts.

High powered spring powered air guns have a unique heavy reverse recoil caused by the spring rebounding after the shot. This reverse recoil will ruin any scope not designed to handle it, including high powered rifle scopes.

Quality air rifle scopes are braced for the heavy reverse recoil of high powered spring guns.

Most scopes designed for high powered rifles have the scope parallax focus set at 100 yards which is beyond the range of almost any accurate air gun shot.
Most quality air rifle scopes either have variable focus called adjustable objective abbreviated as AO or have their parallax focus set at 35 or 50 yards.

For hunting in the field or plinking for fun a scope with the parallax focus set at 35 yards is ideal, 50 yards works good also. For target shooting a scope with adjustable objective is preferred.

Most air guns use mounts called dovetail, 3/8 or 11mm dovetail, both 3/8 inch and 11mm are approximately  the same size. 3/8 or 11mm dovetail is also the type of mount used by most rim fire firearms like .22 caliber rim fire.  A few air guns use Weaver Mounts the same type of mount used by most firearms.

How do I clean my air gun?  Rate it

gamo spring air gun oil When you get a new air gun you should clean the barrel because most manufacturers put grease or preservative in the barrel so it does not rust in shipment. After that you should only clean the barrel when there is a problem with accuracy - not after every firing.

Pure silicone oil is very good for cleaning your air gun barrel and lubricating the rest of the air gun, do not use cleaning fluids meant for regular firearms, they will ruin the seals in your air gun.

One of the most important things about cleaning an airgun barrel -- you rarely need to clean it. In field target shooting where many people shoot 10,000 to 20,000 pellets per year, the general consensus seems to be to clean only when accuracy seems to have degraded.

Most Airgun barrels are made from high grade soft steel.
High grade soft steel wears faster than high grade hammer forged steel used in firearms.
IZH Baikal air guns are made in the same factory that makes the famous AK47 military rile and they have the much better hammer forged barrels just like a conventional firearm.

Use a brush that is softer than the barrel
Use a brush made of a material that's softer than the barrel of your airgun. For steel barrels, a brass brush is OK but nylon brushes are preferred, In a Benjamin brass barrel only use a nylon brush.

Felt cleaning pellets
Felt cleaning pellets should  not be used in a high powered spring-piston air gun. They do not cushion the piston sufficiently at the end of travel, and it is like dry-firing and can damage the power plant  piston. You can use them in just about every other type power plant. If you do use them in a spring-piston gun, pack in enough felt pellets to provide some resistance when the piston comes forward. For an air gun with 800 to 1000 FPS power, perhaps five felt cleaning pellets in a row might be enough to cushion the piston.

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