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Are Air Gun Scopes Different?

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Some air guns need special scopes and mounts.

High powered spring powered air guns have a unique heavy reverse recoil caused by the spring rebounding after the shot. This reverse recoil will ruin any scope not designed to handle it, including high powered rifle scopes.

Quality air rifle scopes are braced for the heavy reverse recoil of high powered spring guns.

Most scopes designed for high powered rifles have the scope parallax focus set at 100 yards which is beyond the range of almost any accurate air gun shot.
Most quality air rifle scopes either have variable focus called adjustable objective abbreviated as AO or have their parallax focus set at 35 or 50 yards.

For hunting in the field or plinking for fun a scope with the parallax focus set at 35 yards is ideal, 50 yards works good also. For target shooting a scope with adjustable objective is preferred.

Most air guns use mounts called dovetail, 3/8 or 11mm dovetail, both 3/8 inch and 11mm are approximately  the same size. 3/8 or 11mm dovetail is also the type of mount used by most rim fire firearms like .22 caliber rim fire.  A few air guns use Weaver Mounts the same type of mount used by most firearms.

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